Flexible Virtualization Management System. Control your Server Farm from a single Console. Support for both os level (OpenVZ) and Hardware level (Xen) virtualization.

Scriptable, distributed and object oriented Hosting Platform. Manage Clients, Resellers, Domains, Backups, Stats, Mails and Databases. Manage everything!


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HyperVM and Kloxo are AGPL V3. HyperVM still needs a License until a new HyperVM is released.
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A JSON based API provides the basis for external programs to interact with Kloxo/HyperVM.
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The project website is for bugtracking, status and project status. Holds all details for HyperVM, Kloxo, InstallApp and Translations.
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Unlimited license for HyperVM

How to set your HyperVM Stable 2.0.xxxx License to Unlimited usage

This is for HyperVM stable version that still needs a license server. Due to the Burstnet datacenter movements, the client and license server are unavailiable for the time being. There is a workaround for that please follow these simple steps from our wiki!

—> How to set HyperVM License to unlimited <—

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