HyperVM and Kloxo are released under AGPL-3.0 License to the public.
Also LxAdmin and the Client website are released as OpenSource with AGPL-3.0, altho those 2 are absoleted and are there just for your eyes to look into the code. (Currently the lxadmin and  client sourcecode is offline, was online for a few years, it’s better to focus on Kloxo and HyperVM :-) ).

Mailinglist – Source code changes
The mailinglists used for commits to the sourcecode. They give some insight into what has changed in the code if someone is working on issues..


Just send a blank email message to subscribe.


Just send a blank email message to unsubscribe.

Mailinglist – Development discussions
The mailinglist used for discussions between developers. This list is public and hosted at googlegroups.

Visit: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lxdevel

Sourcecode access to get the code

SVN is out of order. Migrated to Github.

Github access to get the code
The source codes are hosted at https://github.com/lxcenter

Everyone that want to contribute to the projects, can do it. You do not have to ask us for access or anything like that. Just create a account at Github, Clone the project you want to work on, go code, test your code and commit, then make a pull request. Thats all!

HyperVM and Kloxo repo’s are linked to Project website (http://project.lxcenter.org/)

Again, don’t run development code on production servers, use it at your own risk!