Tips for Choosing Better Plants at the Nursery

Hey guys Monica here so today I just wanted to talk to you guys for a minute about selecting seedlings at a nursery now you go to a big plant store like this and there’s all kinds of beautiful green chains for you to buy and it’s very easy to go for it and just like buy a bunch of stuff without a plan so let’s not do that first I want you to think about how much space you actually have to plant these things now once you come to the nursery with kind of a shopping list in mind as far as you know are you going to be planting tomatoes or peppers or whatever it’s worth it to actually look at the plants when you’re buying them because a lot of times I’ll get my heart set on a variety and not really have a plan for it once I get home and they’re only be like one or two of those plants left so today what I want to do is just talk about a couple of things you need to look for at the nursery.

The first thing that I look for is there any insect damage on the plant is there any sign of insects living in this plant and a lot of times you can see both of these I don’t even know that you can get a close like see it close enough but so sometimes you’ll see ants crawling around ants are totally normal in a nursery ants are also an indicator that there might be a fits on this plant since they have a symbiotic relationship and the ants protect the aphids and they harvest from them so you’ll want to check the plant for aphids if there aren’t a lot of aphids you can take it home kind of quarantine it off to the side and add you know like a soap spray or something to kill off those aphids even just a strong jet of water usually will do the trick but definitely keep an eye out for just any insects that are going to move into your garden with the plants you’re bringing home and just make a home out of it and take over the rest of your garden so step one check for insects step two if a plant looks really nice and green and healthy but it’s late you can kind of squeeze the pot and see if the pot goes really tight because if the Putsch bulging there’s a strong chance this plant is gonna be root bound.

Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy the plant but you do want to check and see what the root structure looks like so I gently squeeze the pot like very gently and then grab it somewhere near the base of the plant if you’re looking at a plant that’s like really tiny barely has any stem here don’t go yanking it out the nursery because the nursery people are gonna kick you out until you never come back but if you can gently remove it what you want to do is pull this plant out and just look at this root structure see if they’re swirling around here at the bottom you know covering the entire base of the soil you can still buy that plant and plant it at home but what you’re gonna need to do when you get home is to just untangle these roots really gently and kind of give them space to spread out so that they don’t continue wrapping the bottom of that so if you get a plant like this home you’ll want to put it in a bigger pot or in the ground pretty soon versus leaving it on a windowsill or in a greenhouse if you have one so it’s up to check if they’re root bound.

Another thing that’s worth looking out for is occasionally you’ll see plants like this now most nurseries are really great about watering a million times a day and all of the plants are you really perky and how do you like this one but sometimes you’ll find one and they’ll be the lot it’ll be the last plant on the Shelf so what I do is I just get this home and I water it or I’ll probably water in the car too because I want this variety it was the last Alpine white sold variety that they had at this strawberry so rather than saying no that plants dying well it’s not dying it’s just dehydrated like give it a little water it’ll pick back up so there’s a couple of quick tips as far as shopping in a nursery go out there and find some great plants and happy gardening

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