How To Pollinate Peppers Indoor and How to Prevent Pepper Flowers From Dropping

Hey everybody welcome to my channel today I’m gonna be showing you guys my indoor grill room so many people have asked to see what my setup look like and what I have growing today I was going to do some updates on my propagated plant to show you what it looks like while I’m at it I thought I would show you my indoor grow room and also answer to questions that have been asked so frequently on my channel and the questions are one how do you pollinate your plants in door and question number two is how do I keep the plants from dropping flowers so I thought that would be a great opportunity to cover these subjects while I’m in the process of showing you what I have going on first let’s go around and show you what I have going here in my grow room so my tent is a 4 by 2 by 5 so that’s 5 feet high 2 feet deep and 4 feet wide and what I’m using is my enviro t5 4 by 6 which is 4 feet by 6 tubes that’s what it is there I have pictures of my setup on G+ community so if you want to see what it looks like I’ll put the link in the description below so that’s pretty much my grow area and here’s what I have going on quite a few things it’s pretty full right now I’m running out of space every year I just just couldn’t help myself and I’d start too many plants and then I run out of space so let’s move on to showing you what I have the propagated plant that I was going to show you guys its fruiting everywhere I mean the fruits are so beautiful and one of it is starting to ripen there’s tons of flowers ok so I’m gonna make this really quick so let’s jump into it how do I pollinate my plants indoor there are multiple ways you can do it and the first method that I like to use sometimes is to use a q-tip and you go to your flowers that are open just like this like that shake it around go to the next one just shake it around like that and then go to the next one and do that so that’s one way and if you have as many flowers as I have here the tasks could take some time to do and another way you can do that is you can use an electric toothbrush you can buy a cheap one for a few dollars and just go to the flowers and then vibrate it like that and that would also help the pollen drop pepper plants are sell pollinator all it needs is to have a way to assist the pollen to drop and if you grow outdoors you have bees and wind to help with that but when you grow indoor it’s kind of difficult unless you can you can put a fan as well and that would work and I don’t have a fan as you can see that’s why my front door of the tennis is wide open and if you’re like me and you don’t want to invest in anything and you want to do it the lazy way here’s how I pollinate my flower I take my entire plant and I shake it that’s basically how I do it every morning so just shaking like that or you can just tap the branches like this see it and that’s how I cost pollen to drop and that’s how I pollinate my plants most of the time on to number two why are the buds dropping and what can I do to prevent it this question is a little bit difficult to to answer because there are many reasons why but I’ll list some of the reasons and then I will also put these in the description so that you would know because if you grow hydroponically is going to be different than growing in in soil so I’ll cover both if you’re grown hydroponically and your plants are dropping bud there are multiple reasons why it does that number one is you may have pests like mites or aphids or stuff like that so check your plants everywhere I check above check underneath make sure there’s no sign of bugs anywhere your your leaf should be nice and green and clean without any spot if you have yellow spot all over the leaf somewhere or it’ve or if it looks sick like this then check under the leaves check all over the plants make sure there’s nothing crawling sometimes the bugs are very small that you cannot see them and those that they could be spider mice they could be rusted mites all kinds of stuff so check every one on your plant that’s number one and number two is what we did earlier is poor pollination so to help with the pollination just assist the flower to drop pollen and that would also help the bud from dropping and number three is a temperature temperature is very important so it’s always good to keep your grow area at a constant temperature from 275 degrees to 80 it is too hot the plant would drop buds as well if it’s too cold it will also drop buds so constant temperature all the time is I do next is lack of nutrients for example during bloom stage and budding and fruiting stage the plant consume a higher amount of calcium so if you don’t feed the plant calcium then sometimes the bud will drop or magnesium those are two very important ingredients that you need during fruiting stage so make sure to feed the calcium and magnesium and don’t overdo it because you know it’s plants need it just feed it what it needs don’t overdo it because sometimes people think that giving it more will help the plants do better which is isn’t true the next reason for but dropping is too much nitrogen during the bloom stage because nitrogen assists growth so during bloom you don’t want to plan the growth because the plant can only focus on one thing at a time it can’t focus on growth and bloom so it’ll drop the buds in order to grow and so if you want the plant to keep the buds then you want to reduce the amount of nitrogen and then boost the amount of bloom so in hydroponic they you can use the general hydroponic flora series because those are three separate parts and you can mix them differently and when you mix them differently you can adjust more bloom less high nitrogen and so on okay so those are some of the simple things that you can do in for hydroponic and for soil the same thing you want to check for pests you want to check for lack of nutrients you want to check for if your plants the temperature is constant if it’s in a heat like above 90 degrees all day long then that would be a problem for your plant as well so and then another way is to check your soil if your soil is too wet all the time the plant will all would not do well and it would drop buds and the leaves will turn yellow so a little bit different but most of the things are the same and then another one of the last reason that your bud may drop is because of a actually not a really big problem but actually a good problem is that your plant cannot sustain the amount of fruits that or bloom that your plants are putting out for example I have this plant here is producing like crazy I mean their fruit everywhere but it keeps putting more and more flowers out and the plant cannot hold that amount of fruits or bud so it just drops it and every day I’ll have like 10 to 12 buds drop off of these plant right here and as you can see they’re just everywhere I mean tons and tons of bud so they will drop if there’s too much and let me show off some of the fruits to you check that out see that there’s a lot more around the other side but I just can’t get through to show you and here’s my Thai chili which is looking very nice starting to ripen up that’s pretty much all there is to this video I hope some of this information is helpful thank you for watching and please like subscribe comment