Topping Pepper Plants & Two Months Results

Hey everybody I’ve done many topping of peppers before but it’s always part of a growth video log and it’s very difficult for people to find so they always ask when is a good time to top peppers so today I decided to make a topping video just separate on his own because I have a plan that is ready so the question is when is a good time to talk peppers in my experience I always top my pepper when the top begins to develop into a why and that’s also the time when the plant start to push out flowers then as you can see at the very tip so what I’ll do today is I’m going to show you what I do when I top it’s pretty simple and there’s no art to this you can cut right at the top whether the last node there but I cut a little bit lower you want to cut right here at an angle so there it is right there the top is gone and on top of that you can even just get rid of some of these leaves here when you clear the leaves at the top also it allows lights to get through to the middle which is also very good for the plants because you want it to grow nice and sturdy so I’ll get a few I get rid of a few leaves at the bottom as well you don’t want to get rid of all your leaves because you need those for photosynthesis so if you get rid of all the leaves the plants will have trouble growing and it might even die if you get it rid of everything so I have some shoots at the bottom too but it’s being blocked so let’s I’m going to clear that up right now so right see there it is right there very small shoot let’s clear the top so lights can get through through this now this looked a little bit crazy like you pretty much cut almost the entire plant off but don’t worry about it it in a week or two it’ll start to grow back and I’ll keep this log going so you can see it alright it has been exactly one week since we topped the plant the side shoots are growing back very nicely and so the plant is looking really good and the bottom shoot here is also grown really well so what I’m going to do today is I’m going to get rid of all of these larger leaves so that it will promote this size to grow even more here’s my scissor make sure it’s nice and clean then we’ll just go ahead and trim all the leaves off alright so that’s what my plant is going to look like and I’ll keep the progress going so that you can see the growth when it comes back alright here it is two and a half months later I have completely forgotten about this video and while I was going through some of my pictures I found this and remember that I was doing a topping experiment and I left it at about six and a half inches tall or so and I keep trimming and trimming and I forgot to do the update and now the plant has just started to bloom and there’s some flowers everywhere but anyway look at how bushy this plan is this just shoots everywhere and so personally I top every single pepper plants that I have because of how bushy it grows out and I just I just love how much the plants produce even in small container if you have this in a large container it’ll grow much much bigger but anyway as you can see look how bushy and beautiful these pepper plain is is it’s all because of the aggressive trimming and topping that I’ve done and let me show you some other examples of plants that I taught here’s one that I talked about a week ago and it has started to shoot back just like I show you early in the video first it started to grow the size shoots here then the size you will get large and large and those become branch and then those branches would have shoots up their own so if you keep trimming it would keep growing as long as you have nutrients readily available for this plant look at the size of this leaf so those will be taken off very soon and that would promote this to grow even more so that’s one of the one that I tough here’s another one that I top as you can see because I clear this plant it’s very easy to see what I topped it there it is right there initially I cut it there and then to branch grow and then I top it here and a bunch more plants grow and then I cut it right there and then a bunch of other side shoots started to grow so this one has been trim recently so that I can get new growth so there it is right there and here is another one that I top this one I let it grow a little bit tall it’s also very bushy when you top the plants in my experience it just shoots out size shoots like crazy and if you top the size shoot more of the shoots will grow and eventually you have something that’s nice and bushy and remember you always have to have nutrients and lights and all the necessity of the plants need and ordered for it to grow like this if you don’t then it will probably not be full as it looks right here but anyway that’s the reason why I top all my plants I hope you guys like the video and if you have any questions or comments or if you have suggestion be sure to comment below and thank you for watching

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