Surfshark Vs. Private Internet Access (PIA): Ultimate Guide

Are you considering using a new VPN but are unsure which to purchase? Perhaps you have been torn between Surfshack and Private Internet Access and can’t decide which one to get?


Or maybe you just want some more information about these VPNs? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you!

We know how stressful finding your new VPN can be. There are so many options on the market, and with so many people raving about Surfshark and PIA, it can be hard to know who to trust. You find yourself overwhelmed, reading endless reviews, still unsure what VPN to use. 

Well, no more! Today we are here with the answers you need! Keep reading the ultimate guide of Surfshack and Private Internet Access (PIA) to help you decide which one is the right one for you!

Comparison Of Surfshark And PIA 

In a hurry? Check out our quick comparison chart now to help you decide between the two; grab your VPN and go! 




Easy to use?



Included features









Torrenting support



Money-back guarantee?

30 days 

30 days

Logging policy


Strictly no logs


Physical servers only

Unlimited multi-logins

Good value for money?



As you can see from the comparison, both VPNs are good choices to make. However, Surfshark seems to have the edge, doesn’t it? It has more features, better support, and a strict no-log policy that makes it the superior choice. 

If we have convinced you, then grab Surshark here! But for those of you that want to know more, keep reading; we have a detailed review coming your way! 


 A vital part of a VPN is its features, and before making your decision, you want to check that the VPN has the features you want and need. To help you decide between PIA and Surfshark, we have compiled a table of their features to compare with ease. 






British Virgin Island


Over 3300 servers in 48 countries

Over 1700 servers in 63 countries 


256-bit encryption

256-bit encryption


Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Smart TVs

Internet Kill Switch?






Payment options

Paypal, bitcoin, discover, and credit card options

Paypal bitcoin, discover, and credit card options

Logging policy


No logs kept 



OpenVPN and IKEv2

Customer support

Live chat and tutorial

Live chat and tutorial 

As you can see from the table, Surfshark is in the lead! They have better jurisdiction, a logging policy, and cover smart TVs too! That doesn’t mean that PIA is a bad option, but when it comes to features, Surfshark has more!

We will continue to look further at these features to help you better understand them and make your final decision. 

How Many Servers? 

As we saw earlier, PIA takes the prize in this round! They have over 3,300 servers established in 48 countries, compared to Surfsharks 1,700 servers!

While Surfshark is present in more countries, PIA has had more time to establish itself, and the range of servers means you are unlikely to be hit by busy signals or struggle to connect. 

Surfshark is a relatively new VPN and still growing, so we can expect the number of servers to grow over time. But for now, if the amount of servers is important to you, then opt for PIA! 

How Do They Perform?

Performance is another vital factor to consider when deciding which VPN is best. To determine this, we looked at both the design of the app and how easy it was to use, as well as its connectivity. 

Surfshark took the win here too! The app is well designed and easy to use. It also comes with excellent connectivity, making it the ideal app to use, whether you are a first-time or experienced VPN user. 

PIA, however, features a more basic-looking app. It functions well enough, but the connectivity isn’t the best. It is also not as easy to use as Surfshark. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and navigate VPN, Surfshark is the way to go! 

How Compatible Is It?


When selecting a VPN, you also want to ensure that it is compatible with your devices.

Again, Surfshark is coming in and taking the prize! Their VPN can be installed on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Firestick, and Smart TVs! It’s this fantastic level of compatibility that makes it a favorite with customers. 

You can also install it and use it on an unlimited amount of devices simultaneously, setting Surfshark apart from other VPNs on the market. Even when using the free trial, it can be used on unlimited devices, making it a fine choice!

PIA also offers fantastic compatibility and can be installed on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices, and Firesticks!

They can also be downloaded on multiple devices, but only ten compared to Surfshark’s unlimited connections. Consider how many devices you want to be protected before choosing your VPN.

How Secure Is It?

The whole point of a VPN is to keep you secure and protected when online, so you want to make sure it will do the job.

Surfshark wins, here again, using fantastic privacy and security features such as WhiteLister (split-tunneling), CleanWeb (malware and ad blocker), Killswitch, Multi-hop, and unlimited multi-logins. These features not only keep you safe online but are ahead of the game compared to PIAs. 

PIA offers an add blocker and SOCKS5 protocol, but if you want to choose a more secure VPN, Surfshark is the way to go! 

Protocols Included

In this round, both VPNs come with a good number of protocols that will keep you safe and secure! Surfshark only uses OpenVPN and IKEv2, opting to discontinue older VPN protocols that are no longer secure enough to use. 

Instead, it opts for newer protocols like WireGuard to deliver higher speed and security. While Surfshark is busy living in the future, PIA still offers older protocols that might not be as secure.

However, they offer newer protocols like OpenVPN, and we can expect to see them introduce newer protocols too as time progresses. 

What About Torrenting?

Both VPNs support torrenting and 2P2 activities, but Surfshark seems to be the better option. It can support P2P activities on select servers, and as its headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands, they don’t need to comply with DMCA as US-based VPNs do. 

As PIA is based in the US, they must comply with DMCA, meaning it isn’t the best VPN for torrenting. That being said, plenty of customers report torrenting on it without any serious trouble. If you wish to air on the side of caution, though, go with Surfshark. 

Can I Stream Netflix?

When it comes to streaming Netflix on the VPN, Surfshark is the one to use! Surfshark can unblock US Netflix, allowing you to watch your favorite shows or shows that you cannot access in your region. It’s fantastic and welcome news for avid streamers. 

While PIA used to unblock Netflix, it is now no longer able to do so. If you wish to watch Netflix, you will have to disable your VPN or use one that allows you to watch Netflix, such as Surfshark. 

How Fast Is It?

It's no secret that using a VPN can slow down your internet speed, leaving you with lag or unresponsive pages. Thankfully, VPNs these days use more advanced technology to counteract this, and Surfshark is one of those!

Their speed outranks PIAs considerably and can achieve 27.91 Mbps, while PIA only manages to reach 19.16 Mbps. 

To achieve these faster speeds, it's often best to connect to a USA server. When we ran our tests, these servers generally had the best results. It’s worth remembering, though, that factors like your internet speed, the time of day, and distance to the server will impact your speed. 

What Are Their Logging Policies?

Again, Surfshark won this round! They have a strictly no-logging policy, keeping no logs of your information while using the VPN. You won’t need to worry about your information being given to third parties, allowing you to browse and shop with ease. 

The same cannot be said for PIA. Not only is their logging policy extremely vague, but recently they had to prove their innocence against no logging claims! Their policy does not state what kind of logs they keep, so you don’t know what information they have or where it could go! 

If you want to keep your history and searches to yourself, opt for Surfshark instead. 

How Much? 

When it comes to the cost, Surfshark again takes the prize and is cheaper than PIA! Currently, Surshark is one of the cheapest VPNs on the market! They frequently run promotional offers or discount codes partnered with influencers, so you are guaranteed to find it for a lower price! 

You can choose between a one-month, six-month, and two-year price plan with the more time you agree to, the lower the monthly cost is. Surfshark also offers a seven-day free trial for new customers, setting it apart from PIA.

You can try the VPN hassle-free, canceling at the end of the trial if you do not wish to continue. 

PIA is still an affordable option but will cost you more than Surfshark will. They do offer a one-year subscription plan, though, whereas Surfashark does not.

When deciding which VPN is best for you, consider your budget and other features you would like from the VPN. Usually, this method helps narrow down your choice, and you can select the best VPN for your budget. 

What About Refunds?

And what happens if you aren’t happy with the VPN you have chosen? Well, with both VPNs, you have the opportunity to get your money back! Both Surfshark and PIA offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the VPN. 

While this is fantastic for both VPNs, Surfshark’s free seven-day trial through the iOS and Android App sets it apart from PIA and gives it the edge again! 

Which VPN Is The Winner?

And just like that, we have come to the end of our VPN comparison today! As you can see, Surfshark took the prize and won today!

Their lower price, advanced privacy features, speed, and zero logs policy won it today. That isn’t to say that PIA isn’t a good VPN, but if we had to choose, we would go with Surfshack! 

You can activate Surfshack here and start browning the internet with added safety. Be sure to check out PIA if you are interested or our other reviews of VPNs to help you find the perfect VPN today!