5 Best VPNs for Roku: Ultimate Guide

Roku is a brand of wifi router that you can use to hook up to your TV to get some exclusive content. This router was developed in collaboration with Netflix and has received hundreds of positive reviews from users all over the world.

But what if you want to use a VPN with your Roku router? You might want to do this if you need secure streaming or want to access content that is blocked in other countries.

Annoyingly, you might find it difficult to find a VPN that will run straight from the router. You’ll want to be sure that you have a VPN that you can use to unblock the streaming sites that you want to see around the world.

One thing that you’ll definitely want from your router will be speed. One of the worst things that you can experience is having a slow connection and your movie constantly buffering. You’ll also need a VPN that can handle a lot of data, not causing your processor to stutter or suffer from data capping issues.

So where can you find the best VPN for Roku? What features should a decent VPN have to give you that luxurious playback and no stuttering issues? What blocking assets and virus protection software comes with a good VPN? How can you install your VPN on a router? How much should you be expected to pay for the best VPNs?

Well, if you want answers to these questions and a whole lot more, we would recommend that you read on, as we have compiled a list of some of the best VPNs currently on the market. We’ll give you a list of pros and cons as well as a buyer’s guide that will tell you what to look for when you’re shopping for a new VPN.


If you have ever shopped for a decent VPN before, then it is more than likely that you’ve stumbled upon this one. This is one of the leading VPN brands that you can currently find on the market. Not only does it come with plenty of features, but it will also give you everything that you need for full data protection - introducing Expressvpn.

This VPN is very easy to install, and you should be able to use it to reroute a lot of the Netflix channels. It can also easily be installed on your router, with plenty of options when it comes to setup. You can watch Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer with this VPN, with a 24/7 customer support app.

You can install this one with a variety of different connections, so you won’t have to worry about it not being able to connect with your Roku device. You can access plenty of blocked content, so you can make your friends jealous by hooking up to all the shows that they will be unable to watch.


  • You can get this with a router app, which will be easy to navigate, ideal if you aren’t the most tech-minded or internet-savvy person.
  • This will unblock most websites, so you’ll be able to access any number of streaming services in countries that would usually block you from getting into their websites.
  • These have setup guides that are very easy to install, adaptable for your router, your iPad or your laptop.
  • This app gives you amazing speeds and won’t compromise the quality of your streams. You won’t experience any stuttering or audio latency issues, you won’t even notice that your VPN is running in the background.


  • The price can be a little expensive, so make sure that you want full internet protection before you splash out. However, you are paying for one of the best VPNs on the market.


This next VPN is another great one for using with Roku, with over 5,000 servers that you can utilize. This means that you should be able to find a private server even during peak times, which will not reduce your streaming speed. You can pretty much block any streaming site, not just Roku, but iPlayer and Netflix - introducing NordVPN.

This VPN has wonderful speeds, so you won’t find yourself having issues with streaming your movies along with your privacy protection software. This VPN is paired up with a company called FlashRouters, which will help you to connect with your router with very little hassle.

This has great customer support, with a line that you can contact for upwards of 24 hours a day. This also comes with an independent audit, so you won’t have to worry about your details being sold to any third parties, which can often happen with some of the cheaper VPNs.


  • You can sign up with this website for as little as $3, which is great if you want protection for your computer but are suffering from a severe shortage of change in your wallet.
  • This website is audited independently, so you won’t have to worry about your data being released to third-party sources.
  • This company is connected to over 5,000 servers, which means that you can connect with a free server no matter what time of the day that it is. Even during peak times, you can get a smooth stream for your movies.
  • This also has great customer service. You can call any time of the day or night, and they will do their best to answer your queries.


  • No router app comes with this VPN, you’ll have to buy it separately. This might be irritating to anyone who does not want to get too involved with the tech side of VPNs.


This next VPN is probably the cheapest that you can get on this list. It is the perfect item for unlocking various platforms including Roku, Netflix and Amazon prime. If you want to watch something that is HD quality and you don’t want to experience any stuttering, then we would suggest that you pick up one of these VPNs - introducing Surf Shark.

Another reason that people choose Surf Shark is that they offer you unlimited servers, which is very important if you are trying to access your favorite shows at peak times. You can connect multiple devices with this VPN, so whether you are watching on your phone, tablet or router, this is a great VPN for you.

This VPN also has plenty of other VPN features. Not only does it have military-grade encryption, but it will also give you protection against malware and other suspicious activity.

This VPN is also very easy to set up, all you have to do is establish it as a virtual router and your computer will have very little chance of recognizing it.


  • This is amazing value for money, you can sign up to this website for 24 months for as little as two dollars. This is great for students or families that are on a budget.
  • This has unlimited servers and you can connect multiple devices to it at once. This is also a great feature for families who will all want to watch Roku.
  • This gives you great customer service, you can contact them day or night for advice on how to hook up your VPN or access various blocked channels.
  • This will run on your machine very smoothly, giving you enough speed to be able to process around 700mbps.


  • Like our last VPN, this one has no app that you can use with your router. You’ll have to source this from elsewhere, which might irritate some customers who want to make one purchase.


This next VPN is one for those who want something a little cheaper and smaller in scale. This VPN has a strict no-logging policy, so you can all but guarantee that your data will not be leaked out into the wider world. If you want to trade off fewer features with a more convenient price point, then this is the VPN for you - introducing Vypyr VPN.

You can unlock a whole host of streaming sites from around the world with this VPN. You can have access to Netflix on Canada or BBC iPlayer, with great speeds that you can be sure will not cause your movies or videos to stutter. You can set up this VPN quickly and easily, with both a hardware and virtual router.

This does have a few technical issues, such as the app that comes with the VPN. This is slightly outdated and you might be struggling to get it to work with your Roku. This VPN also comes with great customer service, allowing you to contact them any time of the day or night.


  • This comes with wonderful broadband and VPN speeds. You won’t experience any cutting-off or latency issues in your audio with this VPN. It also experiences very few data lagging issues.
  • This company has a zero-logging policy, so you won’t have to worry about your data being sold to third-party accounts. This is often an issue with a lot of cheaper VPNs.
  • This is a great app for Roku, it is very compatible with your device, you can even use it as a virtual router.
  • This is very easy to use, so if you want data protection but you aren’t that tech-savvy, then you can be sure that this one will work.


  • The app that comes with this VPN is very slow, especially if you are based in the US. If you are operating in one of these territories, then you might want to think twice before getting this VPN.


This is one of the fastest VPNs on the market, with plenty of servers that you can use to connect to your router at peak times. This offers a router signup method, allowing you to connect quickly and effectively to your streaming service. This VPN also offers you a great price point - introducing Hotspot Shield.

There are plenty of instructions that will help you set up this VPN, so you won’t have to worry if you are not that familiar with setting up complex anti-viral software. This company offers you 24-hour customer support, which is great if you need help late in the night and want to get your VPN working properly to stream movies.

This is a great VPN for Roku, with probably the best sign-up prices on the marketplace. You can sign up for around 3 years for as little as $3. This is great for anyone who might be struggling to pinch the pennies, yet they want that full, all-year-round protection.


  • This company has new router compatibility, which is great for a Roku device. You can have this system up and running in a matter of minutes if you read the instructions carefully.
  • This VPN will give you hyper-fast service, allowing you to stream films even during peak times when a lot of the servers are busy.
  • This is also great for gaming, giving you fast speeds and reliable connectivity during all hours of the day. You won’t have to worry about data cap services interrupting your game.
  • This is compatible with routers, which means that it will easily be set up with your Roku device. You also have great customer support that will be able to help you when your VPN has a glitch.


  • This VPN has been reported as having a compromised no-logging policy, which might deter some users who want complete protection for their Roku streaming device.

Best VPN For Roku Buying Guide

When you are purchasing your VPN for your Roku device, then there will be a few things that you’ll need to figure out first. Remember that your Roku is a router, so it won’t be as simple to install as a VPN would be on a PC or tablet device.

Here are a few things that you’ll need to consider when you are buying your next VPN for your Roku device:

Is It Compatible With Your Router?

Remember that your VPN will have to work on a router before it can be installed. There are a lot of VPNs that have not been reliable, although these days a lot of VPNs are updating their software to include routers.

Router installation usually involves a USB key that you can use to install your VPN into your streaming device. You’ll ideally need the VPN software itself to do most of the work for you, as you won’t really be able to get into the router in the same way as you would a PC or tablet.

A lot of these VPNs have apps that will help you to navigate your VPN through the remote control on your TV. Make sure that the app is easy to use before you buy it, as a lot of cheaper VPNs have very slow apps that are difficult to manage with your device.

How Fast Is It?

Speed will be crucial when it comes to running your movies, as very often you might experience stuttering or audio latency issues with your VPN running in the background. Ideally, you should have a VPN that will let you connect to a host of different servers.

Having more servers means there is more room for users to generate IP addresses that will be able to get around some of the geo-blockers that a lot of streaming services have hooked up to their services.

A geo-blocker simply tracks your IP address and determines where you are in the world. If the content they provide is not available in your country, they will simply block you from viewing it.

What a VPN does is generate a totally random IP address, so that the geo-blocker has no idea where you are watching your content from and will allow you access to the site. However, some streaming services such as Hulu have a catalog of IP addresses that they track, which makes it much harder to access their content.

How Good Is The Security?

Having tight security will be very important to users who do not want their details tracked. You’ll have to source a VPN that operates with a zero-logging policy, so that your internet history will not be recorded.

It is very difficult to know which companies truly operate with a no-logging policy. We tend to find that companies like ExpressVPN that have a good reputation and charge you that little extra often gives you more complete protection for your money. However, other companies do not keep track of your history, it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

How Much Will You Need To Pay?

Often these companies offer you a selection of pretty decent subscription packages. Most of them give their users free trials which require payment after an average of a week of use. The longer that you subscribe to a lot of these services, then the less they will cost. You can get a few year’s worth of VPN coverage for as little as a few dollars.

However, you cannot get any of the VPNs on a one-off payment. This means that you will have to budget a certain amount to pay for this VPN every month. This might deter people who are not looking for that regular protection from malware and viruses. However, if you go with a company like ExpressVPN, then you can expect more or less complete coverage.

Best VPN For Roku - FAQ's

Do You Need To Use A VPN For Roku?

Most streaming services block some of their content in certain countries. So to navigate these blocks, you need a VPN that will cover your IP address. If you have a Roku with a VPN, then you will definitely be able to access more content from platforms as diverse as iPlayer, Netflix in all parts of the world and Hulu.

You’ll need to be sure that your VPN is compatible with your Roku and does not slow down your connection speed. You might be able to watch the shows that are blocked, but the last thing you’ll want is for those shows to stutter or give you latency issues.

How Good Is A Roku VPN?

These VPNs are usually extremely reliable, although you’ll want to make sure that you get the right VPN for your Roku router. Some of the ones we have listed above are designed to be completely compatible with Roku.

Roku is a great router that you can use to access channels from all over the world, however, you will need the VPN to access some of the blocked sites. The VPN will operate in the same way as it would on your PC, generating a fake IP address that will be able to get past the geo-blockers that a lot of streaming services use.

Does A VPN Change My IP Address?

No, it is impossible to change your IP Address, but what a VPN does is generate a fake one for you. You can use this fake passport to gain access to streaming services in other countries.

Our Final Say

We hope that our list of VPNs for Roku will give you a better idea of what you should buy for your streaming device. Not only are these VPNs super fast, but they will not disrupt your streaming service that significantly. If you are willing to pay more for your VPN, then you can definitely expect to find a lot more features such as malware blocking.

You should be wary of getting cheaper VPNs that offer a strict no-logging policy, as this might not always be the case. Some VPNs have been audited and found to be selling the logging codes and timestamps of their users to third parties.


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