Does My ISP Know I’m Using A VPN (Can They See Your VPN)

Internet safety has become something that is so important to us all. With the rise of cookies, hackers, and those who are looking to steal data, it is only understandable to want to prevent this.

While having good internet security will help when it comes to viruses, and malware, it will not help to prevent your information being seen by your internet service provider (ISP), and potentially other people online. 

Many people may assume that you can use incognito, however, this is not a solution to the problem. The best way to stay safe online is by using a VPN. VPN’s have many uses, and are a great tool to use.

If you are thinking of using a VPN, or you currently use one, you may be wondering whether your ISP is capable of knowing that you are using one. This is something we are going to discuss in more detail.

What ISP Can Track?

When it comes to how you use the internet, your ISP has a lot of insight into this. While it is something that not everyone is comfortable with, given that they provide the internet to their customers, it is easy to see why this is the case.

What your ISP can see will depend on your internet search history. But they can potentially access things such as online purchases, websites you have visited, and emails too.

Though it is quite a worrying concept, there are legislations and privacy acts put in place that will help to prevent them from actually accessing or using the information.

Even so, it is still something that concerns a lot of people, and as a result they choose to use a VPN. However, there are some limitations when using a VPN.

Does My ISP Know I’m Using A VPN?

Yes, and no. Whether your ISP is able to see if you are using a VPN will depend on the specific ISP. While some are able to detect that you are using one, others are not able to do this. You will be able to determine whether your specific ISP is capable of this, by reading their privacy policy.

The way in which VPNs work is that even if your ISP is able to see a VPN is in place, this does not mean that the VPN will be traced back to you and your IP address. This is due to the way in which a VPN is created to connect to different encrypted networks.

As a VPN encrypts your data, this means that all of your internet activity and history is hidden from your ISP, or potential hackers, which is one of the main reasons why people will choose to use a VPN.

The way in which you are identified to your ISP is through your IP address. The IP address is specific to each different computer that is connected to the ISP. By using a VPN, you become anonymous, as the VPN uses encryption, which in turn will hide your IP address. As the IP address is hidden, this means that you do not need to worry about having your internet history tracked.

What Is Visible To Your ISP When You Are Using A VPN?

There is not much that is visible to your ISP when you are using a VPN, for the reasons we have stated above. However, what they are able to see is that you are connected to an encrypted server. While this can hint towards a VPN being used, it does not state what VPN you are using, or what encrypted server you are connected to.

They will be able to see that you are connected to the internet, but nothing further than this. It is almost like a blink spot within the ISP network.

Are VPNs Legal?

Yes, VPNs are legal to use in the United States, so you do not need to worry if you are currently using one. Though there are some countries where a VPN is not legal, in the majority of countries they are okay to use.

Even if your ISP is able to see that you are using a VPN, legally, there is nothing they are able to do about this. You also do not have to worry about your ISP throttling (slowing down) your internet speeds if you are using a VPN, as they are not permitted to do this.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A VPN?

There are many benefits to using a VPN, some of which we have already discussed in this article. The main reason why you will want to use a VPN is to ensure that your data and browser remains safe and secure.

In addition to this, VPNs are useful if you are looking to watch shows from different countries that are not available to watch typically in your region. By using a VPN, you can bypass these restrictions, as you can connect to a network from this country. This is a particularly useful feature, and why many people choose to use a VPN.

Some of the streaming services that can be used with a VPN include Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu. However, not all VPNs are able to bypass this, which is worth taking into consideration.


We hope you have found this article useful. As you can see, there is no need to worry if you are using a VPN in terms of your ISP. While there are some ISPs that are able to see that a VPN may be in place, there is nothing that can be done about this.

In addition to this, some ISPs are not able to see that you are using a VPN at all, which is useful. As it is not illegal to use an ISP, and they are safe to use, and will help to keep your data and information more protected when you are using the internet. 


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