10 Best VPNs for Comcast: Ultimate Guide

Taking a Closer Look at VPN That can Help Combat the Comcast Chaos

I’d love to say that Comcast’s success can be boiled down to good, honest, hard work, but I’d be lying. They’re famous for employing underhanded tactics such as throttling customer internet speeds and snooping on personal information. After all, you don’t win “Worst Company in America” for nothing.

No stranger to controversy, whether it be based around charging for unordered products or deceiving customers to line their own already heavy pockets, Comcast is the last organization you want logging all your private details. They’ve made it very clear that they’ll use said information to manipulate, and for lack of a better word....rob you.

Not to worry, though, friends. There’s no way I’m going to let that happen. After weeks of research, I’ve discovered the 10 best VPN for Comcast that genuinely work.

10 Best VPN for Comcast - Reviews

There’s no time to waste here, folks. Comcast is probably listening in at this very moment, so it’s best we keep things fleeting here, dive into some reviews, and find you that VPN as soon as possible.


ExpressVPN is the best VPN for pretty much any application, but here’s why it’s great for Comcast customers specifically.

Utilizing over 3000 servers based in upwards of 90 countries, ExpressVPN connection speeds are exquisite, perfect for solving that god-awful Comcast throttle.

Plus, over 20 of those servers are U.S.-based, meaning you’re sure to be able to circumnavigate their geo-blocked services when you cross the border.

Fitted with a kill switch, or as ExpressVPN calls it, a network lock, you’ll never be exposed to Comcast mid-browse, as the connection will be automatically severed.

Advanced security features such as airtight encryption protocols and DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak prevention ensure that your private information remains private, and for extra security, ExpressVPN doesn’t log any information for itself either.


  • High Server Count - Fast connection.
  • 20+ US-Based Servers - Geo-blocked content solved, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, Prime Video, and more.
  • Security Features - Full IP and details protection.


  • Client - You have to download the app client.


I instantly gravitated towards Cyber Ghost due to its base of operations being in Romania, far away from The Five Eyes (FVEY) intelligence alliance established between the English-speaking nations, ensuring your info is out of the loop and completely safe!

The paid version uses 6200 servers in 90 different countries, leading to snappy browsing and streaming speeds — hurray! You’ll also have access to the whopping 430 based in the U.S., giving you access to all the geo-blocked content you like.

High-grade AES encryption keeps personal data on lock, whether you're streaming, shopping, torrenting, or simply having a browse, and an integrated kill switch keeps you safe should the VPN connection get a little dicey.


  • Romania-Based - Outside FVEY for extra safety.
  • Server Count - Speedy Internet.
  • Numerous U.S.-Based Servers - Geo-blocking be damned!
  • Security Features - Full protection.


  • Free Version - No kill switch or customer support.


IPVanish doesn’t just have tons of servers all over the world, they’ve got nearly 500 situated within the States, so you’re guaranteed super speedy connection and absolutely zero issues accessing Xfinity content wherever you are!

It also offers all the important security standards such as AES encryption and a kill switch to keep your personal data on the down-low, even in its absence.

Split tunneling is another awesome feature that allows you to choose which apps travel through the encrypted tunnels and which run through local networks, letting you run them simultaneously.

What makes IPVanish stand out in the extremely congested VPN crowd for me is the user-friendly nature of the interface. It’s perfect for VPN novices looking to dip their toes into the privacy pool.


  • Server Count - Always fast connections.
  • U.S.-based Servers - Over 400 U.S. servers make infiltrating geo-blocks a breeze.
  • User-Friendly - Great for VPN beginners.
  • Security Features - Robust IP defense mechanisms.


  • Streaming - Only some servers crack streaming geo-defenses.
  • Logging - They’ve leaked customer information to the authorities before.


Private VPN does exactly what it says on the virtual tin: utilizes high-grade industry-standard encryption to veil your personal data and online activities from your ISP and any other snoopers trying to get an eyeful of your deets.

While it’s true, Private VPN only uses 9 U.S.-based servers, which can slow your connection speeds down if they get congested, it has amazing geo-block cracking capabilities, and as it’s not as large an enterprise as some others on my list, they remain safely out of corporate focus.

The app is incredibly intuitive on all devices, which is a bonus for those who aren’t technologically inclined, and their encryption protocols are second to none. What’s more, they log zero information, eliminating forced leaks.

I certainly felt the absence of dedicated browser extensions, but ultimately, it’s a solid VPN for saving you from Comcast’s heinous habits.


  • Quality Encryption - Zero chance of an IP leak.
  • No Logging - Private VPN knows your info is yours alone.
  • User-Friendly - Clear and intuitive app makes managing features easy.
  • Geo-Blocks - Works a charm.


  • Server Count - Slows download and connection speeds.
  • Browser Extensions - There are none.


PIA are stalwarts of the industry at this point and trusted around the globe for their steadfast encryption protocols and snappy download speeds.

This is no surprise considering it’s currently functioning as a network of over 11,000 servers, the majority of which are stationed in U.S. territories in order to optimize local performance.

The folks over at PIA are true champions of privacy, encrypting your personal data, and blocking all 3rd-party cookies, WebRTC leaks, credit card auto-filling, and even hyperlink auditing. This means that the statistical analysis programs of websites won’t even know when you’ve clicked on a link, let alone your identity or location.

Unfortunately, though, the service is a little dated and doesn’t offer some of the advanced security options you find in other VPNs.


  • Privacy Features - You can even pay anonymously!
  • Strong Encryption - No IP leakages here, folks.
  • Server Count - Fast connections.
  • Loads of U.S. Servers - Great for penetrating geo-blocks.
  • Pricing - Very reasonable.


  • Simple Design - Outdated design isn’t as deep as others.


Surf Shark is currently gaining popularity due to its ability to pervade some of the toughest geo-blocks online, making it perfect for streaming content on Comcast from abroad. It works with Netflix, Disney+, and tons more.

As it stands, Surf Shark VPN network is made up of 3200 servers in nearing 70 different countries, ensuring that no matter where you are, you’ll always enjoy lightning-fast connections for seamless streaming.

Better still, over 500 of those servers are spread out among 20 U.S. cities, which is why it’s so efficient in cracking geo-blocks.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the strong encryption system supplemented with a kill switch for protection in the event of VPN blackout, and advanced features such as dual tunneling and No Borders Mode that helps infiltrate heavily guarded internet zones.


  • Steadfast Security - No IP or information leaks.
  • Zero Logging - No personal information is filed.
  • Feature Depth - Advanced features allow for service customization.
  • Server Count - Ensures fast internet.
  • Loads of U.S. Servers - Comcast’s geo-blocks don’t stand a chance.


  • Torrents - Slow download and upload speeds limit torrenting potential.
  • Customer Service - Not bad, but needs work.


Don’t get me wrong, ProtonVPN’s paid service is amazing, but I’m actually shining a light on their awesome free service in my seventh spot.

Unlike other free services, ProtonVPN offers unlimited data, so you can stream to your heart’s content.

They have a strict zero-logging policy, and as they’re a Swiss-based operation, they exist outside the Five Eyes, meaning the authorities can’t come snooping through your info. They also refuse to include irritating ads on their service, which is a nice touch.

With servers in the U.S., the Netherlands, and Japan, you needn’t worry about geo-blocking, and thanks to their use of AES 256 encryption with kill switch support, it’s almost as secure as the top paid-for products.


  • Free - Most advanced free service I’ve come across.
  • Security Features - No IP leaks.
  • Zero Logging and ads - No info to leak.
  • No Data Limits - Stream all you want.
  • Geo-Blocks - Works with most major streaming platforms.


  • Torrenting - No torrenting on the free service.


Encrypting all traffic, Nord VPN brushes off Comcast’s attempts to throttle internet speed like they’re nothing. It also offers advanced security features such as DNS leak protection and a kill switch that momentarily stops traffic if the server goes down.

Speaking of servers, Nord VPN uses a lot of them, 5000 to be precise, in over 50 different countries, so no matter where you are, you can enjoy low-latency internet — yay!

It’s capable of finding you a way into geo-blocked streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu, but you may have to do a bit of server-hopping to find the ones that work best, as is the case when torrenting.

My only real gripe with this VPN is the automatic server selection, which can make landing an IP on U.S. soil tricky.


  • Advanced Security - No leaks.
  • No Logging - Doesn’t collate user info.
  • Panama-Based - Outside Five Eyes.
  • Server Count - Probably the fastest VPN.


  • Automatic Server Selection - You don’t get to choose the server location.


Choosing Hotspot Shield will grant you access to over 3000 servers spread throughout 80+ countries, which in turn, grant you access to streaming sites that are normally geo-locked up tight.

Privacy is a priority for Hotspot Shield, but it’s also dedicated to keeping lag to a minimum, allowing you to stream in high quality without the irritating buffering periods.

Security includes a kill switch, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and 256-bit encryption, blocking your information from the many prying eyes of the internet.

Their customer service is on point too, but I’m a little skeptical about logging, as there have been low-level leaks in the past.


  • Geo-Unblocking - It’s the streaming skeleton key you’ve been waiting for.
  • Server Count - Exceptionally fast, unlimited data.
  • Secure Encryption and Leak Protection - Your sensitive info is locked up tight.


  • Logging - Some basic information is logged.


VyprVPN is a great choice if you’re a Comcast customer on a budget, and considering Comcast is probably ripping you off in some way or another, that’s likely to be the case.

Having recently enabled torrent-friendly functions, it’s perfect for Xfinity, especially as the security features protect your personal info with Fort Knox-style encryption.

You’re also given a choice of protocols, allowing you to choose how data is routed through the encrypted tunnel, so you can fine-tune each VPN usage to the computational task at hand.


  • Secure - Industry-standard encryption.
  • Geo-Blocks - Hacks in like a pro.
  • Multiple Protocols - Customize each usage to suit your needs.
  • Price - Great bang for your buck.


  • Server Count - Limited connection speeds at times.

Best VPN for Comcast Buying Guide

We all know what we want in this situation. We want to keep our personal information and browsing hidden from our meddling ISP, we want to prevent them from throttling the internet we pay good money for, and we want access to Comcast streaming outside the USA.

The only issue is that the language that describes these features in a VPN can be quite technical, so to steer you in the right direction, I’ve composed this brief buyer’s guide on VPN specifics that can help you in your time of need.

The Throttling Issue - Encryption

A decent VPN can completely solve Comcast’s dastardly tendency to throttle our internet.

You can think of your IP address as your virtual name tag. It’s how your ISP identifies you and knows what you’ve been up to online. This is just some of the information they’ll use for personal gain by exploiting you or leaking it to 3rd-party organizations.

When you surf the web using your VPN, it blanks out your virtual name tag using a process known as encryption.

An ISP can’t throttle your entire service, rather it will pick and choose what to throttle based on your activity; however, if it can’t see your online activity, it simply won’t throttle.

So, military-grade encryption should be one of your priorities when shopping around for the best VPN for Comcast.

The VPN Speed Issue - Server Count and Location

Okay, so we’ve solved Comcast’s sneaky throttling addiction, but there’s a small catch. VPNs themselves will almost always slow your browsing speeds down a little. It can’t be avoided. The data involved simply has to travel further and through more mechanisms, which leads to increased latency.

The good news is that this lag can be offset by choosing a VPN that uses a high number of servers in lots of different countries.

The more servers used, the less congested each will become, increasing the speed of the service. The more countries the servers are based in, the higher the likelihood that one will be physically near to you, once again, keeping lag to a minimum.

The Personal Information Issue - Security Features

Remember the encryption function of a VPN I mentioned a moment ago that keeps Comcast from knowing about your online activities? Well, it’s the same process that hides your personal information from them.

However, to ensure you’re safe, not just from Comcast, but from all virtual angles, you’ll need a VPN with tons of security features.

Perfect Forward Secrecy is a fantastic VPN feature that doesn’t just encrypt your personal information such as banking details, browser history, and location, it perpetually changes the encryption, making leaks and hacks nigh on impossible.

WebRTC and DNS Leak Prevention are more must-haves. They essentially stops your real IP address from being searched for when you’re hiding it with a VPN.

A Kill Switch will also come in handy. These mechanisms automatically sever your internet connection if the VPN dips, ensuring you’re never suddenly revealed to your ISP.

Cookie Control allows you to completely erase the virtual breadcrumb trail that snooping organizations use to hit you with those irritating targeted ads.

The Geo-Blocking Issue - IP Location and Data Limits

Geo-blocking is incredibly annoying. All Comcast servers are geo-restricted to the U.S. exclusively, meaning that when you leave, even though you’re still paying for their services, you can’t access them.

Well, to solve this riddle, you’ll need to once again look into VPN server location. If the VPN has a decent amount of servers in the States, it can be used to create a phony, virtual IP within the U.S., thereby granting you access to Comcast streaming services.

Some basic, free VPNs may randomize your IP location, but fail to give you the choice of server, but as you’re trying to access a specific geo-blocked area, you’ll need one that gives you a choice of IP location.

If you’re planning on engaging in data-heavy tasks such as streaming via your VPN, you’ll also need one without data limits.

The Xfinity VPN Blocking Issue - Free vs Premium

Comcast does their best to block VPNs, which is why, for the most part, you’ll need a powerful, premium VPN, although, I will be listing one quality free service that bucks the trends.

Best VPN for Comcast - FAQ's

I know you’re just itching to go incognito after hearing about all the benefits a VPN can bring to the table, but before you go off-grid, let’s discuss some handy VPN and Comcast FAQs.

Does Comcast Know I’m Using a VPN

Yes and no. While Comcast can’t identify you, your activity, or your location, it does know that data is being used, which is a sign someone is using a VPN on their service, but the keyword here is “someone”. They have no way of knowing who.

Does VPN work with Comcast?

Comcast tries its hardest to block a lot of VPNs, but the powerful ones can work their way around the firewalls and help you browse in privacy.

Does Comcast slow down your internet?

Yep, Comcast is a notorious throttler of internet speeds. It targets “heavy internet users” in particular, which doesn’t seem fair considering many of us - me included - have to use the internet upwards of 8 hours a day as a job requirement. Comcast calls it “congestion management”, but really, it’s just the company’s inability to provide the promised services.

They claim they’ve retired this form of targeted slowdown, but they also said, and I quote, “We reserve the right to implement a new congestion system if necessary”.

So, taking a leaf out of the corrupt politician’s book, they’ve promised something and promised nothing simultaneously.

Is VPN illegal?

Yes, in some countries, using a VPN to access the open internet is illegal, but not in the States. That said, using a VPN to do something that is already illegal, such as torrent copyrighted material, remains an illegal act.

Using a VPN is less illegal and more sneaky, but I think it’s fair to say that Comcast started the sneaky, shady behavior when they used our private information for personal gain, and what goes around comes around, Comcast!

Why is Comcast so bad?

Comcast is the epitome of toxic corporate culture, which is why you absolutely need to protect yourself with a quality VPN.

Their customer service is forcefully interrogative and accusative, and they’re famous for corrupt political hiring techniques, predatory pricing, monopolizing business strategies, exploitative customer retention policies, and straight-up lying to customers.

Ultimately, Comcast is bad because it’s run by selfish, greedy, and all-around terrible business people.

Final Thoughts

ExpressVPN checks all my boxes, so there’s no doubt that it’s the best VPN for leveling the Comcast playing field a little, but VPN choice is a very personal thing, so it won’t be right for everyone.

My advice is to take advantage of the free/money-back periods offered by all of these amazing VPN providers and see which one you prefer.

Then again, if you’re looking for a free VPN service to stick it to Comcast, as long as you’re not looking into torrenting, ProtonVPN is objectively the best in the biz.


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