Can VPN Reduce Game Ping?

If you’re a gamer who frequently enjoys matches on multiplayer games, you will understand how important low ping is. High ping can be devastating in multiplayer mode, especially in circumstances where you have to act quickly. Many things are responsible for high ping issues, such as an unreliable internet connection, or faulty wifi.

Physical factors can also affect ping, such as how far away you are from servers, and the quality of your internet connection. While some factors resulting in high ping may be hard to overcome, VPNs are a great solution to high ping problems and something that gamers often turn to.

Low ping can even give you an edge over your opponents, as the less ping you have, the faster you can see the response of your mouse or keyboard input on your display.

Low ping also reduces lag, resulting in a far smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. But even if you’re not a gamer, having a VPN that reduces ping can also be beneficial, particularly when it comes to download speed.

Can VPN improve ping?

Because VPN packets tend to take more of a direct route than your normal ISP packet, a VPN can definitely decrease the ping you have while playing online games. A high-quality VPN should allow information to flow more freely from your computer to the server of the game you’re playing, but of course, some VPN services perform better than others.

Below, you will find some of the top VPN services that are ideal for gamers and can help to reduce ping during online gaming, no matter what you’re playing.

What are the best VPNS for low ping?


Thanks to next-generation encryption that protects your online activity and connectivity, NordVPN is one of the best VPNs of the market. NordVPN helps you to make everything from bank transfers to online purchases safely.

NordVPN also provides and guarantees a no-log policy, which means they don’t track, collect, or share your private data.

Some people assume that you sacrifice connectivity for security, but this is not the case with NordVPN. It not only keeps you secure, but provides unhindered internet speeds without any throttling.

NordVPN also helps you find the closest VPN server via Quick Connect, allowing you to stay secure while cutting out the search for a server to connect to - and NordVPN has a lot of servers to connect to. It has over 54,000 servers in 58 different countries, so no matter what content you want to watch, geo-blocking won’t interfere. 


Surfshark not only provides the best encryption technologies, but also provides a feature that stops your device being infected by viruses.

Surfshark also has several apps available for different platforms, making for easy connection to whatever platform you’re using. Furthermore, you can use the service across unlimited devices, and the intuitive navigation system of Surfshark makes it ideal for both newcomers and VPN veterans.

While it does offer over 800 servers worldwide, this pales in comparison to the number of servers offered by the likes of NordVPN.

However, where Surfshark has the edge over its rivals is speed. If you need a fast connection, Surfshark is the VPN for you. Plus, Surfshark’s 30-day-money-back guarantee means you’ve got nothing to lose.


Created by the famous security provider BullGuard and NordVPN, BullGuard VPN is an amazing tool to keep you anonymous online and is also incredibly fast. Even if you connect to a server on the other side of the world, a BullGuard VPN server still provides you with some of the highest speeds in the VPN market.

Furthermore, BullGuard has a gaming resource optimization option for those who require an antivirus while gaming. This VPN really is perfect for gamers! Besides the speed and gaming specs, BullGuard VPN is also great for streaming, hiding your identity, and really for all the things you would use a VPN for.

Like Surfshark, BullGuard comes with a 30-day-money-back guarantee, so you can try BullGuard out for free before purchasing it. 


With over 70 global servers and over 200,000 IP addresses, VyprVpn delivers fast speeds and the highest level of security across its servers.

Not only does VyprVPN give you access to content all over the world thanks to its ability to bypass restrictive censorship, but it also provides other tools such as increased privacy and security, and an unrestricted online experience using Chameleon technology.

VyprVPN is ideal for gamers. It boasts the world’s fastest VPN network, designed and optimized for speed, less latency and faster ping to minimize delays while gaming, and also gives you access to new games by connecting you to servers in other countries with closer release dates.

They also provide anti-DDoS protection, meaning you can game in peace without worrying about a DDoS attack.

VyprVPN also has a NAT firewall to make your connection extra secure, 24/7 technical support via email or live chat, and several encryption protocols and VyprDNS exclusively for Vypr users.

Vypr also supports all devices and platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, router, and TV.


Another reason to game with a VPN is that a VPN connection can decrease latency instances, especially when you use a VPN that is optimized for gaming like Private Internet Access.

It’s a VPN software that is not only committed to protecting your privacy, but delivering top speeds thanks to its worldwide VPN network. With its VPN Tunnel Network, you can choose from 3,278 VPN and Proxy servers across 45 countries.

This means enhanced security without having to sacrifice on performance, and access to geolocation-restricted content.
However, if you do experience latencies during gameplay, the PIA app lets you alternate server gateways and swap ports and protocols to improve your experience.

PIA also uses the industry favorite OpenVPN protocol as well as the L2TP/IPsec protocol, and can protect up to 10 devices simultaneously. It also protects you from integrated ads, trackers, and malware, as well as having no traffic logs. PIA also doesn’t track your data, has multiple VPN gateways and unlimited bandwidth, and an easy-to-use interface. 


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